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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 0

by Yumiko

How did it all begin?

Seven months prior to Rea’s zombification, the Furuya family left town to help out a distant relative. Their goal was to simply help sort out a large book collection. During the sorting process, Chihiro found a strange book hidden under the floorboards. Despite being told it was rubbish, he couldn’t put it down. If the contents of this book were true, then his dream may one day become a reality. A short distance away, the Sanka family was residing in one of their many vacation homes. Although this was a time of celebration for Rea, it was a dreadful experience. Between her father’s obsession over her, and her abusive step-mother, Rea was nearing her breaking point. Her step-mother’s latest words truly hit her to the core. If she were to simply disappear, then her step-mother would be happy. Later that day, a fateful event occurred. Although they never saw one another clearly, Chihiro and Rea’s paths crossed for the very first time. It’s through these small unexpected events that our story forms its roots.

If you were wondering how in the world Chihiro obtained the recipe to create a zombie, well look no further. Everything has been shown plainly. However, it should be noted that this episode hints at a number of other things. Chihiro’s mother was brought up several times, but I’m not really going to get into that. This anime is unlikely to ever receive a season two, and that’s probably for the best. Let’s just say the source material after season one isn’t stellar. Anyhow, we’ve got Rea’s beauty on full display waiting. Enjoy a day’s worth of book lifting!





Maybe we’ll do the other two OVAs. Stick around for hopefully more!

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