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Totsukuni no Shoujo OVA Media Review

by Yumiko

What do we have here?

Although there wasn’t a single word spoken, this 10 minute OVA captures the overall story of Totsukuni no Shoujo well. A young curious girl pure as white has found herself in a world where she doesn’t belong. However, her teacher and guardian is always close by. With his aid, she’s been able to maintain her daily smiles. Unfortunately, her guardian’s duty is not an easy one. He and those like him are afflicted by a curse. Due to said curse, he’s unable to ever physically touch his student. On top of this, he must remain vigilant of others that would infect the one he cares for the most. Through the daily sounds of life, music, and strong visuals, one may experience a heartwarming tale in minutes.

Before anyone asks, I know I said no new titles. However, I’m a bit dishearten at the moment. Between having to skip so many great shows last season, and seeing the start of this season, it’s starting to hit me a bit. As such, the next few days may seem random. Once I get it out of my system I’ll be back to closing us out. Anyhow, let’s keep it silent. Enjoy a moment with a girl from the other side!





Just what will we do tomorrow? Stay tuned for another chapter here at, Anime Solution!

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