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by Yumiko

Anime Solution needs you!

Every action counts, though it all starts with one small step. Below you’ll find several ways to help Anime Solution now and into the future. Whether it’s time or money, a helping hand will always be needed.


Two options are currently open for donations:


Paypal – known for it’s usage far and wide, this should cover a large range of currencies. Anime Solution has a global audience, thus making this a perfect fit for us. If you plan to donate using Paypal, please double check everything. Refunds can be done, though you’ll need to contact us ASAP. Furthermore, clicking the following image below will take you to our Paypal page.



Patreon – If you’re looking to get more involved with what’s reviewed on Anime Solution, then this may be a better option for you. Depending on what tier you pick, you’ll be able to enter a poll each season. These polls will include shows we’re able to review, and this will be fully honored. There may be some strange hiccups as we dive into this, though we’ll figure it out along the way. Below you’ll find a link to our Patreon and a explanation on tiers.

Kouhai- If you’re just looking to just support us and gain access to our Discord.

Senpai – This tier will generally allow for voting on 1 cour shows.

Onii-chan – In addition to being able to vote on the previous tier, you’ll be able to vote on 2 cour shows in a separate post.

Sensei- When available, those in this tier will be able to vote on future blu-ray reviews. The previous polls will be available to you, as well.



No money, no problem – There’s many other ways to help secure Anime Solution’s future. A handful of you already do this, and we’re very thankful for it. Each comment, like, follow, retweet, share, and recommendation helps us out immensely. We’re still growing, and we’ve yet to reach our limit. Additionally, we know many of you are not native English speakers, but it’s perfectly fine to comment in your native language here. You’ll always get a reply from us within a day’s time!


Have a future suggestions or the above options don’t work for you? Then please feel free to let us know. This page is open to all options moving forward.

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David Johnstation
David Johnstation (@guest_4094)
3 years ago

Add Sunohara-sou anime Please