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Anime Solution and 2021

by Yumiko

Keep it short, Yumiko!

It’s never easy writing these posts, though it has been a long time coming. If you don’t regularly keep up with the website news, then know that Anime Solution and myself have been struggling. What I do here requires a substantial amount of time, dedication, and money. While I have an eternal dedication for what I do here, I’m past scrapping the barrel for the other two. I’ve done everything in my power to keep going as far as I could. Unfortunately, all my attempts to reach out to others went less than stellar. So with that in mind, I won’t be reviewing any new series come 2021. As for the few remaining open projects, I’ll attempt to still get those done. It might take an eternity, but I’m not fully giving up. Just don’t expect daily posts anymore.

In addition to the above, I’ll be moving away some time during January. I’ve brought up my living situation several times in the past, so I won’t press that point any further. When I do move away, I do not know when I’ll be able to return to a stable internet connection. The website should remain up during that period, so don’t worry too much. I’ll be sure to make arrangements once the time arrives. Anyhow, that’s enough bad news for one night. Look forward to a few more daily posts before the end of the year. And last but not least, thank you to every one that has stopped by regularly. Know that you are always noticed, and I truly thank you for choosing Anime Solution.


(This post will remain permanently pinned until further notice.)

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Custom (@guest_4070)
24 days ago

So you will continue with ongoing shows like Black Clover and not do requests on new seasonal anime for 2021?

Custom (@guest_4073)
Reply to  Yumiko
23 days ago

I see. So after what happened, will you keep this site running in 2021?

Custom (@guest_4077)
Reply to  Yumiko
22 days ago

So this year might be the end for this website?

Custom (@guest_4081)
Reply to  Yumiko
15 days ago

All right.

totally not bonnie
totally not bonnie (@guest_4068)
26 days ago

thank you for everything my lord, I hope your 2021 is good