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by Yumiko

There’s power in good resources.

Whether you’re new or old having excellent resources at hand will always be a powerful tool. Getting into anime can be quite confusing for new people as there’s a lot to know and see. Even veterans of anime often suffer from a lack of great resources. So there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! This page should offer something for just about everyone. Below I will provide multiple sites that can be useful to just about any anime fan.


  1. Where can I watch anime?

There’s several really great places one can stream anime online. However, some of these are region locked so be on the look out for that.

Crunchyroll is the biggest name out there for anime streaming. Their selection can not be beaten for airing anime. I highly suggest checking them out first. Click here if you’d like to be taken to their website.

Funimation– Another great brand for watching anime online. They are also partnered up with, Crunchyroll. Funimation, as of late is known for their excellent dubs or SimulDub. If you enjoy watching anime in English then they are your best bet. Click here to check out, Funimation.

Netflix– The Netflix platform may not be known for its anime, but don’t let that fool you. They rank in quite the unique selection. Lately they have been streaming Netflix exclusives that can only be seen on their platform. The best part is once it’s released on their you can watch every single episode at your leisure. To check out Netflix click here.

Hulu– Another platform known for its diverse amount of television series. Anime may not be their focus, but they do offer a steady selection of titles. Feel free to check them out by click here.


  1. Anime Databases

Myanimelist– Without a doubt the biggest used database out there for anime. Highlighted features include looking up voice actors, joining clubs, and sharing one’s reading/viewing list with friends. If you ever need recommendations or want to look up an anime then this is where you should begin. Click here to check out Myanimelist.

Anidb– Another anime based database that’s somewhat similar to, Myanimelist. I strongly believe this databases strongest pro is its use of tags. Their tag system is wonderful and gives the user everything they need to know before going into a show. Click here to check out Anidb.


  1. Anime Pictures

If you’re seeking official anime art or fan art then there’s several great places one can use. Please note that these places also host NSFW art.

Danbooru– This site offers a large selection of both official and fan art. However, do note they limit you in how many tags you can search at a time. Check out Danbooru by clicking here.

Yande.re– This site boast only the highest quality of anime pictures. It should be noted they can be quite load heavy. However, if you’re looking for best quality then this is your place. Click here to check them out.

Pixiv– If you’re familiar with Deviantart then think of this site as the Japanese equivalent. Pixiv, is fueled by users uploading their own original art. This site requires an account to fully use it so keep that in mind. Feel free to check out Pixiv by clicking here.

Konachan– Looking just for anime wallpapers? Then look no further than, Konachan. They have a wide section for just about every sized monitor out there. It’s important to note that Konachan has two sides to it. Their “.com” domain is R18+ while their “.net” is their safe mode domain. Check out Konachan by clicking here or here.


  1. Need help finding a source?

So you just happen upon a really excellent anime related image or GIF and want to know where it’s from? Luckily, there are several websites dedicated to helping out with this issue.

http://iqdb.org/ – This should be your first choice when trying to find the source of something anime related. You can either upload or provide a link to said image or GIF.

http://saucenao.com/ – An excellent place for finding the source of GIFs. They require you to upload here, though.

https://trace.moe/ – Here you can upload images, drag and drop, Ctrl+V, and give a URL. This website is for finding the source of a anime not for fan art.

https://tineye.com/ – This is a general use source finder. They allow you to either upload or enter a image URL.

https://images.google.com/ – Last but not least, we have google images. Success with google images is all over the place, but as a last resort it does work at times.You’ll need to upload the image in order to reverse search for the source.


  1. Other

Here I’ll list other anime websites that are just as useful as the ones above.

http://anichart.net – I use this website several times a week. When I need to know when an anime is about to air this is the best place to be. In addition this website catalogs previous seasons and up-coming titles.

http://www.animefillerlist.com/shows – While not a complete list by any means it’s a good place to see which anime episodes are filler for big shows.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our resources page. Hopefully you gained something by checking this place out. In the future we may add other resources that we find helpful for the community.