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by Yumiko
About Us!

What is Anime Solution about?

First and foremost I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit and read this page. Anyhow, Anime Solution, seeks to provide the best possible visual media for airing anime. While this can be a tall order at times it is our personal goal to strive for the best. Media on this website will be displayed in several ways. The most common media this site will display is a screen capture. A screenshot for an airing series will always be done in its native resolution. Another display one will see here is panoramic photography. Anime is no stranger to panning shots and putting them together is no easy feat. The art of anime stitching is one that will be taken very serious here. Lastly, GIFs/WebMs will provide the bulk of video media here. WebMs will be our prime source, but an option for GIFs will be provided as well.


Below I will provide examples of what one will typically see within our posts here.


Screen Captures: Although millions of these float around the internet many come with an assortment of problems. These issues include down-scaling, up-scaling, distortion, cropping, watermarks, and much more. Here at Anime Solution you will never see any of that.


Panoramic Photography: When it comes to anime stitching there’s just no easy solution. These types of images may include as few as 2 parts or as many as 200. Below you will find a stitch that was made up of 5 individual images turned into one.


GIFs/WebMs: Click play and let the fun begin! Here at Anime Solution we highly encourage the use of WebMs. However, I know GIFs are still beloved by many. The platform I will be using to host my WebMs give users an option to to see both large and small GIFs.



And now for a few final notes. Although our main goal is the coverage of airing anime there may be open slots for covering anime blu-rays, movies, OVAs, and specials. Additionally, news post and coming attraction to the site may be highlighted at times. These things will be secondary as of now, but may change in the future.

Again I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit and read this page. Without you this site wouldn’t be possible! Feel free to contact me with any questions that come to mind.