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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 21

by Yumiko

Will it spark in time?

Yona’s sudden arrival caught the eyes of Kum-Ji. Her red hair isn’t something you see everyday around Port Awa. Fortunately, Yun’s quick thinking and Yona’s excellent acting paid off. While Kum-Ji did rough them up, he backed off the moment he saw the fire in Yona’s eyes. There’s no way such eyes could belong to a princess. Nonetheless, Yona was quick to talk to the other captives once the air cleared. She’s given them hope they never thought possible. As night settled in, Kum-Ji’s captives were brought out into open waters. It was at this point Gi-gan’s pirates began their assault. Still, they don’t have time to attack every ship in Kum-Ji’s fleet. As they awaited the signal from the undercover duo, Yona and Yun found themselves joined by one of the captives, Yuri. Although their plan to sneak up to the deck wasn’t as successful as they hoped, their goal was still accomplished in the end. Yona’s hope shot brightly through the air. The rescue team will be there in a flash.

Episode 21 is a very straight forward and clean chapter. You’ve got Yona once more displaying how far she’s come, and a fair amount of action on the side. Regardless of all this setup, Kum-Ji’s days as the lord of Port Awa are drawing to a close. The moment Yona signaled Hak and friends this battle was an assured victory. Anyhow, the spark of hope has been lit. Enjoy taking back Port Awa!





The end is swiftly approaching. Join us for an episode filled with action next time.

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