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Date A Live II Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

There’s always more than two options.

Far from civilian eyes, two fights were taking place in the sky. While Shido could only helplessly watch as the twins clashed to become the one true Yamai, he had another problem brewing before him. The world’s strongest wizard, Ellen, and several Bandersnatch units had come to kidnap Tohka. Although Ellen was successful in subduing Tohka, DEM learned a lesson it won’t soon forget. In order to save Tohka, Shido somehow manifested Tohka’s blade, Sandalphon. However, the true winners of this fight was the Fraxinus crew. Their dance with the Arbatel caused the Bandersnatch units to malfunction. In the ensuing chaos, Ellen and the Bandersnatch units found themselves trapped. With their foes out of the way, Shido soon put an end to the twins duel. He’s offered them a third way to their troubles. They’ll have to give up their lives as Spirits, but Shido assured them there’s a way they can both live. If Shido’s words prove to be true, then this was the outcome Yuzuru and Kaguya desired. They both truly wish to see their other half live on. Still, James refused to let this day end in failure. In a last ditch effort, the Arbatel attempted to capture the twins and Tohka. Unfortunately for James and his crew, this will be the final flight of the Arbatel. The Berserker twins have lived up to their code name.

With the night still young, Shido and the girls headed back for the inn. However, the twins pulled Shido aside to personally thank him. At this point, Yuzuru and Kaguya didn’t know the method Shido used to turn Spirits back into humans. They’ve both genuinely thanked him with a kiss, and unknowingly sealed their powers within Shido. Elsewhere, Ellen reported back to Isaac about what she had saw. Although Shido claims himself to be human, there are now those that have their eyes on him. Regardless of what’s to come, Shido and all the girls shall be returning home in one piece. Their trip to Arubi Island won’t soon be forgotten.

Before heading down to the media, there’s a very important scene that takes place during this episode. Unfortunately, the importance of that scene is ruined in the anime. If you’ve seen season three, well you know how much of a disaster that was. Nonetheless, it’s important to know why Kotori wasn’t present amid all this action. DEM aren’t the only ones keeping a close eye on Shido now. The founder of Ratatoskr fears what may come of Shido using the powers sealed within him. If there ever comes a day he’s no longer stable, there’s a plan in place to eliminate Shido. Anyhow, ready for the big moment? Enjoy a kiss from the twins!





Is that a new Spirit on the horizon? It’s all about a certain diva next time.

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Asphroxia (@guest_3958)
3 years ago

thanks per usual <3