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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 145

by Yumiko

Let the executions begin!

The city of Lehart is more alive than ever. Those from near and far have gathered to see the servants of the devil executed. At the strike of noon, the Devil Banishers appeared before the people. However, the Magic Knights won’t allow them to have their way so easily. Although the executions were a bust, not all were saved. Nero is still in the hands of the enemy, though they got something much more important. In order to secure Marie, Asta had to give up his grimoire. With Asta’s devil and Nero in their clutches, the Devil Banishers retreated for the day. It was at this point the Magic Knight Captains, Damnatio, and the Wizard King called for another meeting. During their talks, one of Damnatio’s subordinates that led the Devil Banishers called out for help. Not all those among the Devil Banishers were showing their true colors. Their organization was in reality the Devil Worshipers.

While things are still moving at a snail pace, we’ve gotten an interesting turn of events. The Devil Worshipers will soon show their true faces. Moreover, it’s nice to see the art quality of this episode. We’ve had a couple weak episodes these past few weeks, so it’s exciting to see everyone at the top of their game. Now if only their brains and magic were working properly during the filler. Anyhow, Asta isn’t just his grimoire. Enjoy taking Marie back from the Devil Banishers!





Well, they had to drag this out somehow. Join us for the devil worshipers next Tuesday.

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