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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Is that a brand new Fubuki?

Before Fubuki can obtain her remodel, she needs to gain more experience. However, in Fubuki’s hot pursuit to catch up to Yuudachi, she nearly lost her life. After waking up in the docks, Fubuki was immediately confronted by Mutsuki. Unable to watch her close friend barrel down her destructive path, Mutsuki poured her heart out. That same night, Fubuki paid Mutsuki a visit. She’s formally apologized, and properly explained herself. Ever since the Admiral gave her encouraging words, she’s only had one dream. She desires to be useful to those around her. Upon overhearing Fubuki’s words, Akagi decided to put her to the test. The following day, Fubuki was given the greatest surprise of her life. Akagi requested her as her personal escort ship during the next mission, yet it won’t be that easy. She’ll be put to the test by Akagi and Kaga. Pitted against the fleet’s finest planes, Fubuki was knocked around relentlessly. Nonetheless, she never gave in. In front of those she cared for the most, she nailed every practice plane in sight.

Fubuki’s hard work has finally paid off. After completing Akagi and Kaga’s test, she gained enough experience to be remodeled. Unfortunately, Fubuki’s remodel isn’t as exciting as Yuudachi’s. While she’s certainly more powerful, she looks nearly the same. Moreover, Fubuki’s recent near death experience wasn’t a total waste. When Third Torpedo Squadron was sent out to scout, they were the group that was attacked the hardest. Using this knowledge, Nagato was able to decipher the Admiral’s final battle plans. An old enemy and their base of operations has been uncovered. Anyhow, is Fubuki truly the key to this operation? Enjoy being put to the test by Akagi-senpai!


My immersion hasn’t been ruined this hard since Goblin Slayer.




Everything they need is finally in order. We begin the last operation next time.

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