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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Aren’t they a little too close?

Although Kurami and Fiel are now on Blank’s side, not everyone knows one another. Formal introductions were given by the new pair, and Blank has learned quite a bit. As it turns out, Fiel isn’t your ordinary elf. She currently holds a top seat within her governments circle. While Fiel’s position won’t come into play at the moment, Blank continued to tirelessly prepare for their match against the Eastern Federation. They’ll be battling Izuna, but they won’t be just a duo this time. Their two faithful attendants, Jibril and Stephanie, shall be joining them in virtual reality. Additionally, the entirety of Imanity will be allowed to spectate this game. Sora didn’t ignore his people on purpose. With so many angry eyes watching them, it’ll be near impossible for the Eastern Federation to cheat. Still, he’ll be using Kurami and Fiel as extra insurance. Once Kurami was on scene, Ino immediately knew the elves were somehow involved. Before the countdown began, Sora called in a favor he never collected on. A mysterious spell was placed upon Stephanie, though the details have yet to be revealed.

This may be four versus one, but Izuna knows the game they’ll be playing well. However, before diving into their virtual world, Sora got slightly into her head. A tried and true tactic hit Izuna to the core. Just when was the last time she enjoyed playing games? Regardless of Sora’s words, Blank has a problem of their own. The virtual world they stepped into resembles their own world a little too much. As complete shut-ins, their agoraphobia kicked into overdrive. Until they can get back on their feet, it’ll be up to Jibril and Stephanie to lead the charge. Anyhow, we’ll learn the rules of this game next time. Enjoy an unwanted reminder of home!


Suddenly, spats!




The final game has only just begun. Join us for the start of the fun next Wednesday.

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