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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

What’s her name again?

The Shalltear situation has drawn far too many eyes. The Adventurer’s Guild summoned the heads of several mithril class parties. Although Momon was able to convince the Guild Master, Pluton Ainzach, to allow him to deal with the vampire alone, there are those that refuse to recognize Momon’s recent feats. Igvarge and his party, Kralgra, soon learned why Momon wanted to fly solo. They’ll be put to good use for the future of Nazarick. Nonetheless, their trip to scout Shalltear confirmed Ainz’s greatest fears. Even though she’s undead, Shalltear was somehow mind controlled. While Ainz would normally be able to dispel such an effect, Shalltear’s sudden state was caused by an item that can change the world. Upon learning the magnitude of this situation, Ainz and his escorts retreated back to the tomb. Nazarick’s security level was raised to the highest level, and Ainz immediately went for Nazarick’s Treasury with Albedo and Yuri Alpha. Shortly after their arrival they were greeted by the Area Guardian and Ainz’s very own creation, Pandora’s Actor. While this Doppelgänger is quite the eccentric one, Ainz has little time for games. He’s taken Albedo into their mausoleum to collect World Items. Before they got their hands on a single item, Ainz confronted Albedo about his plan. Between needing to prove himself as the Overlord of Nazarick, and not wishing to see his children kill one another, he will be fighting Shalltear on his own. This wasn’t what Albedo desired to hear, however Ainz was able to reassure her. Shalltear may be the strongest Floor Guardian, and wield magic that counters him, yet he swore to return to the place they call home.

Episode 11 was nearly all about setting the stage for the finale. Dealing with Shalltear is now Nazarick’s top priority. Aside from Sebas and Solution, everyone else was recalled to the tomb. This was not a scenario Ainz ever foresaw, and he plans to fully make up for it. Additionally, if he defeats Shalltear, then his legend will no longer be questionable. He’ll be rewarded the highest possible rank after completing this quest. Anyhow, Momon’s long hunt shall soon come to an end. Enjoy the eve before taking on Honyopnyoko!


One flesh colored thigh, one…




This situation can still be salvaged. We confront Shalltear once more next Friday.

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