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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

What in the world happened to Shalltear?

While Ainz was off securing his legend, Shalltear Bloodfallen was acting upon his orders. Her current  duty is investigating and securing humans with potential. As such, she tagged along with Sebas Tian and Solution Epsilon. These two were masquerading under Ainz’s order to collect information, though they’ve knowingly walked into an ambush. Their carriage driver had sold them out to Death Spreading Brigade, but when they opened the door it wasn’t who they expected. Shalltear and her Vampire Brides quickly slaughtered the group in front of them. With this lot taken care of, Sebas and Solution continued on their merry way. Shalltear on the other hand progressed into the bandit base camp. It was here she came face to face with the man said to be right behind Gazef, Brain Unglaus. Although he displayed some potential before Shalltear, she struck true fear into his heart. As Brain fled for his life, the remainder of the Death Spreading Brigade was wiped out. However, Shalltear’s night of blood was far from over. Awaiting outside the cave was a group of adventurers. This group only provided more entertainment for Shalltear, yet she spared one. The woman Ainz had given a potion to, Brita, was forced to tell Shalltear everything. Upon finding out that Brita’s party had a scout awaiting if anything went wrong, Shalltear leaped back into action. She won’t let two humans get away from her on this night. Unfortunately, she came across another unexpected party. This new group wasn’t your average party of adventurers. Sensing one among them was ready to unleash a powerful spell, Shalltear went immediately for the kill. Though she was able to kill the wielder of a certain dress, she wasn’t able to fully stop the spell from hitting her. Shalltear still yet lives, but something is no longer right about her.

Back at the tomb, Ainz and Albedo began investigating into what could have possibly happened to Shalltear. They know she’s not dead, yet her name is now red to them. While it’s normally not possible to mind control a being like Shalltear, Ainz must confirm something first. While this world shares some similarities with YGGDRASIL, there are many unknowns to him in the New World. Anyhow, the Shalltear situation has already drawn way too many eyes. Enjoy a night filled with blood!





Does Ainz really have a mutiny on his hands? We’re facing the questionable traitor next Friday.

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