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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 21

by Yumiko

Where’s the bodies?

With Alice secured in the sub control room, Gabriel’s crew only continued to receive bad news. Gabriel and Vassago’s dive into Underworld truly was their last act of service. On top of this, they lost another man in a gun fight against Kikuoka. While Kikuoka was wounded in the fight, Higa secured a way out for Asuna and Kirito. As things only grew worse for Gabriel’s men, they turned to the last best option. If they can’t have Alice, then they’ll bomb the Ocean Turtle. While everyone fled for their lives, one man stayed behind to ensure the Ocean Turtle’s death. However, a last minute intervention by Kayaba Akihiko saved the day. He may no longer have a living body, but his soul still lives on. Together with the head of security, Nakanishi, Kikuoka, and Kayaba’s possession of Niemon, they’ve saved the Ocean Turtle.

After the dust had settled upon the Ocean Turtle, a few bodies were unaccounted for. First on the list, Vassago was never actually confirmed dead. When Gabriel’s men went to recover the bodies in the STL, they only found Gabriel. Now, Vassago wasn’t the only one that mysteriously vanished. The robot that Kayaba took control of, Niemon, was nowhere to be found after defusing the bomb. Things just aren’t adding up, and we may not even get the answer to these two during this season. Moreover, no matter how fast Higa could work, Asuna and Kirito will be trapped within Underworld for a number of years. During that time, they plan to fully embrace their stay together. There’s a whole world out there for them to explore. Anyhow, surely their relationship can survive 200 years of adventuring, right? Enjoy a journey with no end in sight!





It’s time to shift focus. Alice takes the stage next Saturday.

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Custom (@guest_3925)
3 years ago

It looks like we might get a happy ending with Kirito and Asuna. Anyway, I was surprised that Akihiko Kayaba took possession of one of the installation’s robots to remove the bomb that would destroy the main engine.

Tashiro Sato
Tashiro Sato (@guest_3914)
3 years ago

Wife Rinko is back