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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko


While those in charge began planning the main fleet’s next move, Yuudachi found herself emitting a strange glow. Her hard work and determination has paid off. After being escorted off to the factory, she was remodeled. Although she was still the same inside, Yuudachi sported a new look. A brand-new appearance wasn’t the only thing this remodel included. She’s now stronger than ever before. The other destroyers were quick to show their enthusiasm about Yuudachi’s upgrade, but Fubuki couldn’t help feel a little jealous. Nonetheless, Fubuki will keep on pushing forward until she earns her own remodel. As soon as she was about to start training, Fubuki and Yuudachi were called into Nagato’s office. Nagato only had good news for Yuudachi. She’ll be transferring to Carrier Group One. Fubuki on the other hand felt she received the worst news of her life. By the Admiral’s orders, Fifth Mobile Fleet was disbanded, and Fubuki must return to the Navel District.

After a rough night filled with emotions, Fubuki awoke to find Yuudachi training. It was then she learned how Yuudachi obtained the experience needed for a remodel. When Yuudachi heard about Fubuki’s position as flagship of Fifth Mobile Fleet, she was inspired to push herself. In fact, all the other destroyers have been looking up to Fubuki lately. Her progress has been recognized far and wide. Still, her time upon Truk Island has come to a close. As Fubuki and her escorts sailed for the Navel District, an urgent message from the Admiral was sent to Nagato. An all too familiar Abyssal carrier managed to sneak past their lines. The Navel District was in ruins by the time Fubuki arrived, though everyone was evacuated out before the worst could happen. However, the Admiral is currently missing in action. Once the main fleet returned to base, everyone began rebuilding. Essential operations were back online in the blink of an eye, yet the Admiral was nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, his final orders were recovered by Nagato. The time for a counterattack will soon be at hand, but first Fubuki is scheduled for a remodel. Anyhow, Fubuki isn’t as far away from her dream as she thought. Enjoy the last minute turn around!





The Admiral’s final order shall be honored. We’re doing our very best next Thursday.

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