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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Sora, who?

Unknown to his other half, his loyal servant, and the rest of Imanity, Sora was challenged to a game of reversi by Kurami. However, this challenge won’t be a normal game of reversi. The disks upon the board represent Kurami and Sora’s existence. Holding more pieces meant one would own all the memories of their opponent, though this was what Sora wanted. Before the game began, he added one additional rule. In the event that he’s unable to continue the game, then his other half, Shiro, would take his place. Shortly after beginning their game, Sora started to let Kurami win. With only three disks left in his possession, he vanished from nearly everyone’s memories. Fortunately, Blank is a two in one combo. While the world around him may have forgotten, Shiro latched onto what remained of her brother. No matter what those around her claimed, she knew her brother was real. Retracing all their past actions led Shiro to her room. It is there she found Sora’s three remaining disks. These were the pieces that made up Shiro in her brother’s memories, but now they’ll be used to restore Sora. After placing them upon the invisible board before her, Sora was back in the flesh.

Blank has secured themselves a crucial victory against Kurami and Fiel. Prior to the start of their game, both parties agreed upon two favors from the loser. Sora used his first favor to restore Kurami, but he also made sure that she kept his memories. With Kurami’s fears put to bed, Blank earned themselves a new ally. Kurami and Fiel will now play the role of spies for Blank. As for Sora’s second favor, he now has the right to manipulate Fiel’s memories. Although these two favors may not seem to make much sense now, they’re crucial for Blank’s plan moving forward. They’ll need every possible tool in their arsenal to take on the Eastern Federation and then the world. Anyhow, she never doubted for a moment. Enjoy piecing back together Sora’s existence!





The time for preparations are drawing to a close. We begin the final game next time!

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