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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 141

by Yumiko

Back to back missions!?

At long last, the spotlight is upon Yuno. Although Yuno’s recent merits were recognized throughout the kingdom, there are those that still hold a low opinion of him within his own squad. Between being a peasant and the atmosphere he brings along, Yuno finds himself at odds with his own comrades every day. Nonetheless, Vangeance knows the time for such squabbles must come to an end. The battles ahead will require the Golden Dawn to be united as one. As such, Yuno and a number of his fellow squad members were assigned to do missions together. Among this group, Alecdora has never glanced at Yuno favorably. Believing Yuno to be one stuck up in the clouds, he never truly gave him a fair chance. However, that all changed on their latest mission together. Not only did they have to work with one another to achieve victory, Yuno covered for Alecdora’s missteps during the mission. Yuno’s words during the mission debriefing put him into a whole new light for Alecdora. For the first time since joining the Golden Dawn, Yuno was invited to join everyone out for a meal.

While this chapter may be minor in the grand scale of things, I’m happy they did this original episode. If and when we get back to the canon material, Yuno’s bonds with his comrades significantly change. This episode was merely the beginning of a major shift within the Golden Dawn. Hopefully we can get another one like this down the line. Anyhow, ready to revisit some familiar locations? Enjoy embarking on back to back missions!




Episode 141:






There’s always another threat. Join us for a new original mission next Tuesday.

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