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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Moving forward is their only option now.

While Katyusha awaited Ooarai’s unconditional surrender, the Student Council properly explained themselves. Funding school carriers is no cheap task. Due to their school’s lack of applicants and no notable recent achievements, they were scheduled for decommission. In order to remedy this problem, the Student Council brought back senshado. School’s who participate in senshado are given extra funds, and there’s no way those in charge would shut down the championship school. With everything finally out in the open, Miho and those around her collectively agreed to keep pushing forward. This is more than just about saving the school at this point. They’ve already formed bonds they do not wish to be severed. Still, getting out of their current predicament won’t be easy. After minor repairs and sending scouts out, a new plan was formulated. However, morale was at an all-time low as they waited for Katyusha’s ceasefire to end. Though it’s not a dance she’s proud to do, the anglerfish dance reignited everyone’s flame.

As the battle renewed, Ooarai charged at their foes with everything they had. Unfortunately, they don’t have the numbers to drag this out for long. Pravda’s vice-commander, Nonna, quickly began picking them off one by one. Knowing the inevitable was swiftly approaching, Anglerfish and Hippo Team broke off to find Pravda’s flag tank. While Pravda chased Ooarai’s flag tank, Yukari spotted out their key to victory. Just as Hippo Team fired upon Pravda’s flag tank, Nonna simultaneously shot Ooarai’s flag tank. Although the smoke has yet to clear, there can only be one victor. Anyhow, the dust will have to settle at some point. Enjoy dancing in freezing conditions!







Now that’s a cliffhanger! The results shall be revealed next Monday.

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