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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

This is where legends begin.

Swords of Darkness will never see another sunrise after crossing Clementine. She’s taken Nfirea to begin the undead assault upon E-Rantel, and left behind a nasty surprise for those that come after her. Elsewhere, Momon and Nabe had just finished registering their feats with the Adventurer’s Guild. Upon stepping out of the building, they ran into Nfirea’s grandmother, Lizzie. Though their meeting was by chance, it was the perfect opportunity to collect their reward for successfully aiding Nfirea. Unfortunately, Clementine’s unwarranted gift was all that awaited them back at Lizzie’s home. Swords of Darkness stood as zombies, though Momon was quick to put them to rest. After investigating the scene, Momon turned to Lizzie. If she wants her grandson back, then she’ll have to hire him. However, this duo doesn’t come cheap. Lizzie has agreed to give up everything as long as Nfirea is brought back alive.

After carefully discovering the whereabouts of Nfirea, Momon and Nabe departed for E-Rantel’s Cemetery. As they arrived at the gates of E-Rantel, the local guards were already being overwhelmed by the undead. Using this to his advantage, Momon displayed a feat that only a hero could pull off. What he did in front of these guards will be known far and wide. Still, the heart of the issue remained. Those that took Nfirea must be dealt with. It wasn’t long before the duo confronted Clementine and Khajiit. Momon left Nabe to deal with Khajiit and his henchmen, but Clementine will be receiving a one on one duel. While Ainz doesn’t feel a thing for the loss of Swords of Darkness, Clementine interfered with a piece of his claim to fame. Additionally, Clementine has thought herself a little too powerful. In order to put her back in her place, Momon announced he won’t take their duel serious even for a moment.

The results to come should be obvious enough, but they won’t be on display till next time. Outside all recent developments, Ainz received an urgent call from Entoma. While he was unable to discuss the matter at the moment, he’ll soon be getting another call from Albedo. The crumbs to lead us into our next arc are already setup. Anyhow, has anyone seen Nfirea? Enjoy fighting an endless horde of undead skeletons!





They’re not even worth it. We’re mopping the floor with the enemy next Friday.

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