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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

The Blue Rose Sword sings once more.

All the frozen invaders surrounding Kirito were put to good use. In order to stop the suffering on both ends, they’ve been forcefully logged out of Underworld. However, the resources they left behind won’t fall into Vassago’s lap. Eugeo’s shattered Blue Rose Sword was made whole once again. With the fragment of Eugeo’s memory standing at his side, Kirito brought Vassago down to his knees. Unfortunately for Vassago, he won’t be allowed another dive into Underworld. Knowing full well he would return if brought down to zero, Kirito used the power of his own blade to turn him into a demonic tree. He’ll be trapped within Underworld for quite some time. While those that had come to save Kirito were quick to embrace him, he has little time to sit around. After healing everyone who was left standing, Asuna and Kirito flew off to find Alice.

Back upon the Ocean Turtle, Gabriel’s men executed the next step of their plan. As they are running out of time before the JSDF storm the Ocean Turtle, they’ve broken the time limiter within Underworld. If Asuna and Kirito don’t reach World End’s Altar in the next ten minutes and log out, then they’ll experience more years than the human soul could possibly handle. Kikuoka didn’t waste a moment contacting Kirito about recent events, though there’s still one problem in front of them. Although Alice made it to World End’s Altar in one piece, Gabriel was right behind her. Fortunately, Kirito arrived before any more suffering had to take place. Only ten minutes may remain upon the clock, but Gabriel must be dealt with first. Anyhow, ready to experience 200 years in the blink of an eye? Enjoy colonizing around the new demon tree!





Surely this will be over in 10 minutes, right? Get ready for a long one next Saturday.

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Tashiro Sato
Tashiro Sato (@guest_3872)
3 years ago

Wife Rinko is back

Custom (@guest_3870)
3 years ago

It looks like we’re at the endgame of Alicization. Cant’ wait to see the finale.