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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

The battlefield is no place for games.

On the eve of a big mission for Fifth Mobile Fleet, Kaga was critically injured protecting Zuikaku. Zuikaku’s determination to do better than Carrier Group One was to blame, though Kaga won’t allow one of her Admiral’s vessels to sink. She simply saw an opportunity in a dire situation and took it. Although all of Fifth Mobile Fleet made it back to the Navel District in one piece, Kaga won’t be seeing the sea lanes any time soon. While Kaga was sent in for repairs, Zuikaku’s older sister, Shoukaku, stepped up to the plate. This was a chance she couldn’t possibly pass up. Carrier Group Five may finally be able to stand above their rivals. Still, there’s a growing concern about their upcoming mission. The night before their next engagement, Fubuki was called into the Admiral’s Office. The Admiral and Nagato believe that their codes were cracked by the enemy. Moving forward, Fubuki must act carefully as Fifth Mobile Fleet’s flagship.

Fubuki isn’t willing to take any chances this time. Before nearing their target or rendezvousing with the other fleets, she ordered Shoukaku and Zuikaku to send out recon planes. It wasn’t long before reports came back. An Abyssal fleet stood ready to engage them. Seeing how Carrier Group Five was essential for taking out Abyssal Base MO, she commanded them to push ahead to link up with the other fleet. While the rest of Fifth Mobile Fleet dealt with an enemy carrier fleet, Shoukaku and Zuikaku soon found themselves ambushed by another Abyssal fleet. Unable to launch their planes, and Shoukaku badly damaged, Zuikaku quickly remembered Kaga’s words. Knowing full well the enemy forces wouldn’t follow them, they dashed for a nearby squall. Just barely managing to hold out, Fifth Mobile Fleet came to their rescue before the worst could happen. All but one enemy vessel was destroyed in their engagement, but the one that got away won’t forget this day. The scar Fubuki left upon her will be remembered. Anyhow, the operation to take back the seas goes on. Enjoy pushing forward despite the setbacks!





Is that a hotel? We’re hitting the beach next Thursday.

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