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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Maybe he was a fool after all?

With Jibril and her library in their back pocket, Blank believed their next step to conquering the world was in the bag. Unfortunately, challenging the Werebeasts came with an unexpected issue. In the last 50 years, not a single soul has ever won against the Eastern Federation. Even Jibril was unable to best them at their own game. Speaking of their game, those that fail to beat the Eastern Federation lose their memories after the match. While there wasn’t a single piece of text that could be of use to Sora, Jibril informed him of how Imanity lost nearly all its land. Stephanie’s grandfather managed to lose eight consecutive times against the Eastern Federation. Upon learning this fact, Sora denounced his predecessor. Such words cut Stephanie to the bone, though her late grandfather wasn’t gambling away Imanity’s future blindly. Upon his death, he left Stephanie a key to his life’s work. Although this key was what Blank needed, Stephanie didn’t wish to face Sora after their last conversation. However, after overhearing why Sora questioned the late king’s motive so harshly, Stephanie did the right thing. Sora’s severe words about Imanity may be true, but he truly believes in the potential of humanity. Together they were able to find the late king’s hidden room. The late king knew he would be remembered as a fool, but he left behind everything he could for his successors to succeed.

Blank may now have the knowledge they need to take on the Eastern Federation, but they’re being watched closely. Kurami still believes Imanity is in trouble, and that Blank is working with another race. While she suspects that the Eastern Federation is involved, she won’t have much time to confirm. She’ll have to act fast as Blank will soon be going up against the 3rd largest nation. Anyhow, the king’s secret stash awaits below. Enjoy the lackluster surprise!





We’ve got a date with the Werebeasts. We’re putting everything on the line next Wednesday!

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