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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

Let’s make him whole once more.

As utter chaos ensued all around Kirito, Higa’s plan to restore Kirito was in full motion. Unfortunately, making Kirito whole forced him to relive his most horrifying memories. Gripped by guilt, Kirito was mere moments from tearing out his own heart. Although the three women closest to Kirito were able to stop him, they weren’t enough to restore Kirito. Before he could move another inch, a fragment of Eugeo’s fluctlight connected to Kirito. With the final piece placed before him, Kirito took his first steps forward. Back upon Underworld, the battlefield turned to ice. Grasping Eugeo’s shattered Blue Rose Sword, Kirito stood ready to confront PoH.

While I’ve talked plenty about the plot over the last few weeks, it’s time to examine the media. Unlike the first half of Alicization, War of Underworld has featured a lot of consistent action. Asuna’s clash against PoH being the most recent example. Now, SAO has depicted several memorable fights in the past, but this cour is loading them up. Nearly every episode thus far has been an absolute blast to capture. And now that Kirito is back in the spotlight, it’ll be interesting to see what they roll out next. Here’s hoping for the best and plenty more SAO in the future. Anyhow, ready for a painful trip down memory lane? Enjoy a hero’s welcome!





Our lead is back up on his feet! Join us for another exciting turn of events next Saturday.

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Custom (@guest_3860)
3 years ago

It’s about time for Kirito to join in the fight. I’m ready for the big final battle against Gabriel.

‪Yacine Belghadi ‬
‪Yacine Belghadi ‬ (@guest_3858)
3 years ago

Some of the pictures don’t exist, like the moment Kirito did the full weaponization.
I’m really grateful for these pictures, though.
Thank you so much.

Last edited 3 years ago by ‪Yacine Belghadi ‬