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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Welcome home?

At long last, Momon’s party arrived at Carne village. Nonetheless, Carne village has changed since he last laid eyes upon it. They now have a wall and goblin troops at the door. Enri put one of the Horns of the Goblin General to use, though their fighting capabilities won’t be needed on this day. As soon as she saw Nfirea, they were welcomed right in. Despite the warm greetings, Enri only had grim news to report to Nfirea. Although this was a chance for Nfirea to finally confess to the woman he loves, he was able to connect several dots from her story. Nfirea knows Momon’s true identity, yet this won’t be the end of his adventuring days. After confronting Ainz about everything, Nfirea admitted why he hired Momon. He was simply seeking knowledge on how to craft a blood-red potion. However, he’s now eternally thankful to Momon. While Momon’s cover was slightly blown, all he asked in return was to keep his identity hidden from anyone else.

Arriving at Carne village was only half the battle. While Swords of Darkness protected Nfirea as he picked herbs, Momon planned on increasing his legend. The nearby presence of the Wise King of the Forest is the only reason Carne village can sleep easily at night. This single monster keeps the others at bay, but his reign shall be coming to an end. With Aura’s help, Momon was able to have a direct confrontation with the local legend. Unfortunately, the Wise King of the Forest isn’t as spectacular as his title claims him to be. Momon has taken pity upon the giant hamster. He’ll be taking Hamsuke back to E-Rantel as a pet. Still, Momon won’t leave Carne village defenseless. Before departing for E-Rantel, he promised Nfirea that the village would be well guarded.

Back at E-Rantel, Momon and Nabe split up from Swords of Darkness and Nfirea. While Momon went to register his impressive feats with the Adventurer’s Guild, the others helped Nfirea unload his herbs. Soon after entering his grandmother’s home, Clementine revealed herself. Her patience has finally been rewarded. Anyhow, things aren’t looking good for Swords of Darkness. Enjoy the start of a long night!





The climax of this arc shall soon begin. Join us for a night of blood next Friday.

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