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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Where are they?

Swords of Darkness and Nfirea have come to realize they’re in the presence of no ordinary adventurers. After a chance encounter with a band of goblins and Ogres, they knew Momon and Nabe were equal to those at the adamantite level. Nonetheless, their journey to Carne village will take more than one day. As night began to settle in, Momon learned a number of interesting facts from his new party members. Swords of Darkness takes their name from a legend from the past. One of the members of the Thirteen Heroes, Black Knight, was the owner of four powerful blades. These blades were collectively known as the Swords of Darkness, and it’s their dream to one day find these blades. Unfortunately, Momon shall be ending this night off on a bad note. The tales around the camp fire reminded him a little too much of the past. He may now be an undead without remorse, but he still misses his friends.

Back at E-Rantel, Clementine and Khajiit have been keeping themselves busy. Information on Nfirea took a few kills, but Clementine doesn’t mind one bit. Even when Clementine got the information she desired, she indulged in torturing her victims. Additionally, those slain by Clementine will be put to good use. Khajiit’s undead army continues to grow by the day. Anyhow, Ainz isn’t done showing off yet. Enjoy one tapping the opposition.





Carne village can’t be that far off. We’re revisiting a familiar face next time.

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