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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko


In order to overcome the difficult battles ahead, the Admiral dissolved all the current fleets. A full reconfiguration of the Navel District was on the horizon. Although Third Torpedo Squadron may be no more, Fubuki and friends will still be seeing one another. The following day, Fifth Mobile Fleet was born. Fubuki has found herself surrounded by a most unusual group of fleet girls. Between the constantly feuding carriers, Kaga and Zuikaku, and the inseparable duo, Ooi and Kitakami, settling on room arrangements was a nightmare. At the very least, Kongou was there to help cheer up Fubuki. Unfortunately, matters only got worse when the topic of picking a flagship came up. Despite everyone except Fubuki claiming to be the best fit, each of their trial runs ended in disaster. With no improvements in sight, Zuikaku was prepared to talk to the Admiral. Before she could get far, Fubuki stopped her. Even though their new unit may not be the greatest, they’ve only just started. It was also during this moment Fifth Mobile Fleet was summoned to battle. Everyone planned on doing their own things, but Fubuki soon took control of the situation. She may be just a destroyer, yet she’s led them to victory. After their first battle together, those around Fubuki unanimously elected her as their flagship.

What’s with all the tension in the air? There’s actually a bit of real history mixed into this episode. The men of first division didn’t hold a favorable opinion of fifth division. Those feelings are reflected here in Kaga and Zuikaku. While of course the anime exaggerates it, they’ve already started to talk to one another on friendly terms. As it turns out, they have a few things in common. It’ll still be awhile before they can fight properly as a unit, though. Anyhow, ready to mix it up? Enjoy the new living arrangements!


Truly living up to her title as a turkey.




Is that curry in the air? We’re in for a fun one next time.

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