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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

There’s an idol on the battlefield?

PoH’s hatred for the Japanese players is more than just an act. Born from parents of two different nations, his Japanese father neglected him all his life. The one time his father called for him was to save his full-blooded Japanese half brother. If he had refused, then his mother would have suffered. When the SAO incident occurred, Vassago did the unthinkable. He stole a NerveGear knowing full well there may be no way back. The creation of Laughing Coffin and the events that followed were no mere coincidences. Unfortunately, PoH’s luck has finally started to run out. In his hot pursuit to humiliate Kirito, he revealed his true identity to the invaders. While some now see the truth, there are others held strongly by his influence. Those that stood against the Japanese players now face one another. Elsewhere, Leafa and Sinon continued their fights. Although they may be on admin accounts, their foes are relentless. Regardless of whom they may face, they’ll keep standing back up until Kirito is made whole once more.

Outside the endless war within Underworld, there’s been a positive development upon the Ocean Turtle. Rinko was able to save Higa before Yanai could finish the job. Yanai took a stumble he likely will never recover from. With Yanai finally out of the way, Higa was able to begin his task of saving Kirito. It’s only a matter of time before results are seen. Moreover, this episode heavily featured Eiji and Yuna. Their role here is completely anime original. If you haven’t seen the movie, then that’s where these characters were introduced. Several things from the movie were pushed into Alicization, but none of them actually change anything. Anyhow, Kirito’s broken days may soon be coming to a close. Enjoy Yuna’s unexpected performance!


I guess we ended up covering Re Zero after all.

LLENN would have finished the job.




Shall we reminisce? We’re driving down memory lane next time.

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Custom (@guest_3841)
3 years ago

Never expected Eiji and Yuna from the Ordinal Scale movie shown up in Underworld.

Andrew Granda
Andrew Granda (@guest_3848)
Reply to  Yumiko
3 years ago

They might appear again in the ending

Custom (@guest_3861)
Reply to  Yumiko
3 years ago

Maybe someone there at A-1 loves Yuna.