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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

She’s had enough!

Since taking up their crowns, Shiro and Sora have pushed off all their responsibilities onto Stephanie. All day it would seem the siblings were goofing off playing games or reading. Fed up with their performance, Stephanie challenged Sora to a game of blackjack. This would be the first of several losses she would take on that day. Though she simply wished for Sora to be responsible for his people, Stephanie ended up learning a valuable lesson. Imanity may be the weakest race, but what allowed them to succeed in the past was knowledge. Stephanie and Imanity in general lack more than just magic. If Imanity is ever to rise above the other nations, then Blank needs to keep on reading about their new world. Unfortunately, they’ve come to a standstill. No matter where they search, Elkia doesn’t have a single bookstore or library. As it turns out, Stephanie’s grandfather lost Elkia’s famous library five years prior to Blank’s arrival.

Can they take on an angel? Long before Blank was a thought in anyone’s mind, Stephanie’s grandfather lost his country’s library to Jibril, a Flügel. Knowledge on the Flügel may be scarce, but there’s a reason they hold 6th place among the Exceed. Their race was created to slay gods. Although that role is no longer needed, their visage still strikes fear into many. Additionally, Flügel only ever agree to play one game. It’s through this single game they’ve remained on top. Regardless of what this game may entail, Blank is ready to take on Jibril. If they’re ever to make good on their word, then securing that library is a must. Anyhow, these angels of death aren’t as intimidating as they seem. Enjoy taking Stephanie for a walk!





Thought you saw a lot of skin before? We’re playing a game in the nude next time!

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Miles Burningham
Miles Burningham (@poopemperor69)
3 years ago

Scenes this episode were great! Steph looked real cut this episode too, especially in the dog cosplay. I can’t wait to see more Jibril soon!