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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken OAD Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

May the best class win!

With preparations finally complete, the students of Freedom Academy were ready to brave the dangerous roads to Guratol. However, Rimuru won’t be the one judging his students. In order to keep things fair, all the teachers have swapped places. Rimuru shall be grading his rival’s class, A-class. S-class was assigned to Tiss, and she’s in for quite the trip. Not only was S-class able to arrive at Count Guratol’s estate first, they took the most dangerous path. Due to their early arrival, Count Guratol allowed them to explore the caves where their next test would be held. As these are man-made caves, and being readied by his butler, he sent them off believing nothing out of the ordinary would occur. Unfortunately, Rimuru’s students and Tiss soon found themselves surrounded by bandits. Though Tiss wasn’t sure how they would get out of this situation, the students of S-class aren’t the ordinary lot. These bandits never stood a chance, yet one more foe stood in their way. Guratol’s butler isn’t who he appears to be. S-class has found themselves a battle against a powerful monster.

Better late than never. As always, it’s a pleasure covering the adventures of Rimuru and those around him. This little story only has one more installment to go, but season two is on the horizon. Next year you’ll be seeing a lot more Rimuru and even a side story. Unfortunately, it’s rather unlikely at the moment I’ll be covering it. If you’ve been around Anime Solution for at least this season, then you know why. Regardless, I’m happy to have covered as much as I have. Expect at least one more in the future. Anyhow, the other classes can’t be too far behind. Enjoy beating out the competition!





We’ve still got one more to go. Look forward to the conclusion to this story here in the future!

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