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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 137

by Yumiko


This week’s episode was dedicated to Charmy and Gordon. Although this was another training session, it was more on the comedic side. During Charmy’s portion, she put her heart into creating a new dish for her teammates. Unfortunately, she put a little too much soul into her food. Her new ultimate dish is alive, though the Black Bulls got a meal they won’t soon forget. As for Gordon’s half, he’s finally found out what makes him strong. There’s no power in being a loner. While he had to learn this the hard way, Gordon now knows he’s strongest around his squad. Let’s just hope they realize how much they mean to him one day.

The good news is Zora shall be getting an episode next. The bad news is these original episodes are starting to drag a bit. Here’s hoping Zora can add some spice back into the mix. Moreover, I’m surprised we haven’t gotten an episode focusing on Yuno yet. I don’t want to spoil anything, but an arc following the Golden Dawn and Yuno’s position within his squad would go a long way. Anyhow, the spotlight continues to shine on the Black Bulls. Enjoy three days in the woods with Gordon!





It’s Zora’s time to shine. Check back for another original episode next Tuesday.

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Tashiro Sato
Tashiro Sato (@guest_3813)
3 years ago

Wife Vanessa is back