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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

It’s not technically cheating.

After an unpleasant chance encounter with her older sister, and pulling Saunders University High School as their first round opponent, Miho has much weighing upon her shoulders. In order to help relieve some of her friend’s stress, Yukari successfully infiltrated Saunders. Ooarai will be going into their first match with a slight knowledge advantage. Still, they can not underestimate Saunders. As Saunders is well funded, they’ll be entering with ten tanks against Ooarai’s five. Knowing full well what’s to come if they don’t improve, the Ooarai squad put in extra hours. Additionally, their tanks won’t be so festive anymore. They’ve returned them to their natural states, though they’ll still have a little flavor. Moving forward, each tank team has their own designated animal. Miho and her close friends shall be known as team Anglerfish. Those around her have taken up the names Duck, Turtle, Hippo, and Rabbit.

Donning their official senshado attire, Ooarai was ready to take on Saunders. Now, Saunders may seem intimidating on the surface, but they’re led by a friendly face, Kay. Even with the Yukari incident, she invited Ooarai over to partake in her school’s festivities. However, not everyone from Saunders is so kind. Once their match was underway, one of Saunders vice-commanders, Alisa, was using a radio intercepting balloon. While Kay believed their luck was just too good, Alisa was simply tapping Ooarai’s radios. It wasn’t long before Miho sensed something was up. Although Alisa’s actions weren’t against any rules, it can be used against her. The Ooarai squad have swapped to using their cellphones to communicate. Alisa shall only be receiving bad intel from Ooarai, and it’s already came at the cost of one tank. Anyhow, there’s still plenty more to come from this match. Enjoy taking on the veterans of their trade!







This match isn’t over yet! Catch the conclusion here next Monday.

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Tashiro Sato
Tashiro Sato (@guest_3869)
3 years ago

Wife Alisa yeah