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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Let’s conquer the world!

As Kurami’s chess pieces begun to turn against her, it was only a matter of time before her king fell. Although Kurami truly believed in what she was doing, Blank has shown her that Imanity can rise above. Even without the assistance of magic or other races, they’ve taken the crown. Still, Shiro and Sora have a long road ahead of themselves. Their first act as king and queen was amending numerous political and economic problems. Once these issues were taken care of, the siblings attended their formal coronation. Before the people of Elkia, they’ve accepted Imanity’s race piece. However, Imanity has gained more than just a new leader on this day. Sora gave his people a speech that resonated through their souls. There was a time when Imanity stood above all else as the weakest, and Sora fully intends to bring back those glorious days. Blank has declared war upon the world. Their days of playing games have only just gotten started.

What’s next for the siblings? Following Blank’s coronation, Tet paid them a visit. He’s excited to see how far they’ve already come, and has put forth a new challenge. If they’re able to collect all sixteen race pieces, then they’ll earn the privilege of challenging Tet for his position as God. In turn, Shiro and Sora happily accepted. Blank has never lost a game and they don’t plan to now. Anyhow, all eyes are upon Imanity’s next move. Enjoy life at the top!





No slacking! The road to conquering Disboard can’t be done from the bedroom. Join us for another one next Wednesday.

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Andrew (@andrew_janowski)
3 years ago

Thanks Yumiko! The images look great really glad you decided to pick up this show and cant wait to see more Jibril soon!