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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Burning love!

Unable to accept the truth, Mutsuki continues to wait at the docks for Kisaragi’s return. Mutsuki’s state of denial has also begun to affect those around her. Fubuki is especially struggling on how to deal with this predicament. As Mutsuki has done so much for her, she wishes to be there for her now. Despite the recent loss of Kisaragi, Fubuki has already been assigned to another mission. She’ll be tagging along with the Kongou sisters and Shimakaze to secure essential supply lines. On the day of their mission, Shimakaze was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, the Kongou sisters knew just the trick to lure her out. All it took was a few minor fun events and a tea party. With everyone accounted for, they shortly hit the waters to take out an Abyssal fleet. During their tango, Fubuki panicked. She feared she would soon be joining Kisaragi. However, this battle was over in a flash. Not only was Kongou able to save Fubuki, she gave her the courage to rise again. After returning to base, Fubuki immediately embraced Mutsuki. Together they let out all their pain, and Mutsuki has finally accepted the loss of her sister.

This episode captures the problem of this story pretty well. We start off serious, swap to a bunch of fun moments, then end it off on an emotional note. There’s just too many mixed signals here. Am I supposed to be jamming out with the Kongou sisters, or mourning Kisaragi? Either way, this is actually my favorite episode. As Kongou is my number one ship girl from Kancolle, I’ve watched this particular episode nearly a dozen times. We’ll get to see more Kongou, but this is the only episode where she gets a ton of focus. Anyhow, change is on the horizon. Enjoy another victory with Fubuki!





Let’s mix it up! We’re forming a brand-new squad next time.

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