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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 136

by Yumiko

How about some seaside training?

The Black Bulls have returned to Raquey, though this time their not on a top secret mission. While some squad members took their training more serious than others, Noelle was putting forward her best. During her training, she kept hearing a strange melody coming from the ocean. It wasn’t long before Kahono and Kiato showed up, yet it won’t be for another double date. The Underwater Temple was facing an unprecedented threat from a guardian of the sea. Although the siblings were able to convince the Black Bulls to join them, the depths they must brave can only be traveled by a few. Noelle, Finral, and the siblings have embarked on a mission without much certainty. Regardless of the dangers they may face, Noelle never put her head down. Although they were successful in the end, a new mastery of mana was touched upon by Noelle. The usage of natural mana found throughout nature may become her key to success in the future.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen the Underwater Temple, but I have to say it looked a lot better this time around. If there was ever an episode to show how far Black Clover’s production has come, then this one would be it. This filler episode looked better than 90% of the episodes contained within the Underwater Temple arc. In general, Black Clover has truthfully come a long way. Here’s hoping they continue to keep up this consistency. Anyhow, she’s growing closer to her mother by the day. Enjoy an episode just for Noelle!





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