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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Commence Operation Sneaky!

Tank Commander Miho has led her troops valiantly. Unfortunately, there’s only so much she can do with this lot. Between their inexperience and festive tank makeovers, they were eliminated one by one. Nonetheless, Miho was able to show Darjeeling why the Nishizumi style is held in such high regard. Her tank crew alone nearly took out all of St. Gloriana’s tanks. Despite Ooarai’s loss, Darjeeling only had good things to say about them. She enjoyed this match against Miho far more than competing against Miho’s older sister, Maho. As a token of thanks for this honorable battle, Miho and friends received a basket of tea from Darjeeling. Still, there was a wager placed on this battle. Miho and friends along with the student council must perform the Angler-fish Dance.

With plenty of time still remaining before heading back to the school carrier, the main squad excluding Mako decided to go shopping. Before they could make it far, they ran into Hana’s mother, Yuri Isuzu. Although Yuri cares for her daughter, she does not approve of Hana participating in senshado. While they may not currently see eye to eye on this subject, Hana will not give up on senshado. She plans to change her mother’s view on the sport entirely one day. Through what she learns during senshado, she’ll take flower arrangements to the next level. Moreover, Miho has suddenly found herself right back into the heart of senshado. The time for practice is over. Ooarai will be competing in this year’s National High School Senshado Championship Tournament. Anyhow, losing isn’t an option from this point forward. Enjoy a cup of tea on Darjeeling!







Is that freedom in the air? We’re facing off against Saunders University High School next Monday.

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