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Date A Live II Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Left or right?

The long awaited school trip has arrived, though they won’t be going to their original destination. Cross Travel Corp offered Shido’s school a deal they couldn’t refuse. All their expenses will be taken care of as long as they help with their advertising campaign. A seemingly innocent camerawoman will be accompanying them to Arubi Island. Shortly after arriving, Shido and Tohka wondered off from the rest of their class. It was during this period a sudden storm took over the island. Before Shido knew it, a clash between Spirits was happening right in front of him. The Berserk Twins, Yuzuru and Kaguya, were originally one Spirit, Yamai. At some point in the past, Yamai split into two bodies and minds. Ever since then, the twins have been battling to become the one true Yamai. Once they merge back into one Spirit, only one of their personalities will remain. Unfortunately, even after 99 battles, there hasn’t been a clear winner. With such a scene unfolding before him, Shido was compelled to act. His interruption made the twins realize something. They’ve competed in many categories, but never over a man. Their 100th and final battle will be determined by who can charm Shido first. With Reine’s assistance, the twins already have an alibi to join the school trip. Despite Shido’s dismay about the situation, these twins have a long way before they make him swoon. Although they score high marks in the beauty department, they’re clueless when it comes to romance.

Outside of Shido’s latest predicament, another slew of problems are brewing. As it just so happens, Cross Travel Corp is owned by DEM Industries, and the camerawoman they’ve sent along with his class is none other than, Ellen Mathers. Ellen is also being backed up by her own squad up in the sky. James A. Paddington, captain of DEM’s airship, Arbatel, has been keeping a close eye upon Tohka. She may not be giving off any readings as a Spirit currently, but they know who she is. Arbatel isn’t the only ship up in the sky, though. Where ever Shido goes, the Fraxinus crew is always behind him. Unfortunately, they are without their captain, Kotori. While she’s a way and Reine is assisting Shido on the ground, Kannazuki has taken the helm. Though this would normally not be too big of an issue, Arbatel has jammed all possible communications between Fraxinus and Shido. He’ll be doing this date all on his own. Anyhow, the one true Yamai has yet to be decided. Enjoy bathing with the Berserk Twins!





There can only be one! We’re hitting the beach next time.

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Asphroxia (@guest_3758)
3 years ago

Oh nice! that was sooner than expected, thank you!

Asphroxia (@guest_3778)
Reply to  Yumiko
3 years ago

Good things take time =) I will be waiting patiently, thank you for the hard work!