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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 135

by Yumiko

A different type of curse?

Finral may be known as a skirt-chaser, but those days may soon be behind him. In order to prove himself worthy of  taking Finnes’ hand in marriage, he’ll show his whole squad how far he’s come. A mixer with some of the finest ladies in the kingdom was held. Unfortunately, resisting one’s natural urges is easier said than done. Although Finral almost proved to the world he changed, he can’t keep his hands off a damsel in distress. Nonetheless, Finral’s progress has been noted by the one he truly seeks. He may not know it, but Finnes saw how hard he’s trying to improve.

Once more, we’re given another fun filler episode. I will say the comedy this time around was a lot better. That may be because I resonate with Finral, though. Moreover, it looks like we’ll be back to training next time. It’ll be a Noelle focused episode, so look forward to that one. Anyhow, ready to send some mixed signals? Enjoy resisting a table full of beauties!





Is it time for some seaside training? We’re reuniting with two familiar faces next Tuesday.

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