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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Party for five!

Caught in the middle of their practice session, Mako jumped onto the Panzer IV without a second thought. Unfortunately, she’s joined Miho and friends at an odd time. They’ve been surrounded by the other teams, and Hana fell unconscious after taking a single hit. Nonetheless, their tank was still fully operational. After pulling Hana out of the driver’s seat, Mako took the wheel. This may have been her first time inside a tank, but she instantly picked it up. With Mako’s aid, they took out the other tanks in an instant. Back upon school grounds, Miho and friends celebrated their victory. However, those around Miho wanted to swap up roles. After seeing what she did during practice, they’ve made Miho their commander. Additionally, it took some convincing to get Mako to join the crew. She’s reluctantly agreed, though only for the extra credits.

Keeping ever busy, the student council arranged a friendly match against St. Gloriana Girls College. Seeing how Miho is the only student to ever participate in a real match, they’ve named her the commander of the entire team. Before the big day arrived, nearly everyone wanted to customize their tank. However, some teams may have gone a tad overboard. Tanks are design for war, after all. Nonetheless, once both School Carriers pulled into dock, it was time to begin their match. Their opponents knew full well that the Ooarai squad is new to the sport, but Darjeeling and those behind her never go easy. Anyhow, a five versus five battle is about to begin. Enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb!


Target acquired.


ED: Nearly every episode swaps up the girls in the ending, so expect to see plenty more of these.



The dance can’t be that bad, right? Join us for the practice match next Monday.

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