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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko


Kurami’s ascent to the throne won’t be going as planned. Shiro and Sora have crashed her coronation, and exposed her before the people. Despite the siblings being spot on with their accusation, Kurami was able to save face. She swiftly dismissed her elven partner, Fiel Nirvalen, then accepted Blank’s challenge. They’ll be playing a game of chess once she’s set up the board. During this brief period, Kurami had Fiel use her magic on her chess pieces. Blank was about to play a game of chess unlike any they’ve ever seen. Before their match began, Kurami attempted to persuade them to her cause. However, Sora believes she’s selling Imanity far too short. Being the puppets of another nation is no way to live. Nonetheless, their game of chess started off normal. Since Blank is a two in one combo, Shiro took the helm first. Although Shiro could easily best any Grandmaster, she did not expect her pieces to have their own will. Her normal strategies won’t work here. On the other side of the board, Kurami’s enchanted pieces had no problem moving about freely. The conventional rules of chess were soon thrown out the window. Despite the daunting situation Shiro found herself in, her brother took over during the halfway mark. Taking in all that he had seen, he quickly changed the course of this battle. Through the power of his own words, he’s reinvigorated his troops, called back those that have fallen, and even turned Kurami’s queen against her. Still, this game isn’t over until Blank has taken Kurami’s king. Kurami’s pieces were enchanted with more than one magic. Those that clash with her pieces soon find themselves swapping sides.

So far, so good. The chess match will conclude next time, though let’s talk a tad about a few other things. There are few shows that can match the colorful palette that No Game No Life boasts. This show is so bright sometimes, it’s presented a unique challenge when it comes to stitching. Moreover, if you’re familiar with anime in general, then you’ll likely notice that this show pays homage to a number of titles. The most obvious ones during this episode were Ace Attorney and Jojo. Be sure to look out for a handful of other ones in the upcoming reviews. Anyhow, Blank’s record remains clean. Enjoy inspiring the troops!





This game of chess is nearly over. Join us for the crowning next Wednesday.

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