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Bikini Warriors Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Is this the end?!

While not quite an end, this finale was a speed run of all the things you’ve come to expect from the Bikini Warriors. If you’ve ever seen a movie trailer, then this episode would be it. All the best possible moments filled with fan service shall be found below. Still, this is an ending post. It’s time for some final thoughts…

Story: 5/10

Other than female adventurers running around in skimpy armor, there’s not much else going on. On top of that, this is a short-form anime. With those two components in mind, each episode got right to the point. You’re getting tons of fan service, though don’t expect anything other than that. Personally, I prefer this method when it comes to service focused shows. The plot may be nonexistent, but at least the core of the show is constantly in the spotlight.

Art/Animation: 6.5

Bikini Warriors is truthfully a slideshow the majority of the time. Each episode was only three and half minutes long, yet we’re ending with 177 stitches. I’ve covered full length shows that had less panning shots. Despite the large amount of panning, the character art is the big attraction here. Feel ensured that these warriors looked sexy no matter what situation they were in. Just don’t expect them to be moving.

Enjoyment: 8/10

If you’re a fan of service, then the hyper sexy edition of Bikini Warriors will be well worth your time. While the normal version had a handful of great shots, the line is pushed to the limits in the hyper sexy edition. Episode 8 in particular had a frame that even surprised me. This is still an ecchi, right?

I know an overall score of 6.5 isn’t the greatest, but if you’re looking for a purely fan service focused show, then this one is your ticket. You won’t be disappointed with what these warriors have to offer. Moreover, there are no current plans to review all the OVAs at the moment. As Anime Solution is in a bind, I’m focusing on finishing up as many loose ends as possible. The first posting of Bikini Warriors here was more than two years ago, so putting an end to this one is way overdue. Anyhow, ready for an onslaught of lewd predicaments? Enjoy one last adventure with the Bikini Warriors!





Their adventures will go on! In the meantime, look forward to other experiences here at, Anime Solution.

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