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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko


In order to grow familiar with their new world, Momonga used his Mirror of Remote Viewing. After gazing out into the distance, he discovered a human settlement, Carne Village. Unfortunately, this village was under attack by a band of knights. Though this was no concern for the forces of Nazarick, one look at Sebas’ face made him remember the past. Back when Momonga had just begun his adventures within Yggdrasil, he was constantly killed by high level players. However, Sebas’ creator, Touch Me, was different. He never looked down on the weak. The day Touch Me saved Momonga is a day he’ll never forget. With this ideal in mind, Albedo and Momonga instantly departed for Carne Village. Now, Momonga only went along to test his abilities, but he’s achieved much more. The knights were mere ants before his magic, and he’s gained the trust of what remained of the village. The village chief willingly shared all his worldly knowledge with Momonga. He’s learned about the surrounding kingdoms, the currency of this land, and the local adventurer’s guild. Unfortunately, Carne Village can’t catch a break. Two new sets of forces have appeared. The strongest warrior within the Re-Estize Kingdom, Gazef Stronoff, has arrived to defend the locals. Upon finding out that a certain magic caster saved the village, he was grateful for Momonga’s aid. While they talked, Momonga took note that another group had begun surrounding the village.

On the surface, this episode was just about testing out the waters. However, there’s actually quite a bit more going on here. Overlord is all about world building and there’s plenty to be found. This episode began with Gazef acting on orders from his king. The Re-Estize Kingdom is currently seeped in corruption. Certain individuals would be overjoyed to see the king’s strongest warrior killed off. Still, the king just can’t let his people be slaughtered off. Gazef rode off knowing full well what fate may await him. Moreover, before Momonga stepped foot inside the village, he saved Enri and Nemu Emmot. This may seem minor, but before leaving them to secure the village, he left Enri with two horns capable of summoning goblin armies. Lastly, the name Momonga may soon becoming to an end. To those that he saved, met, and spared, Momonga introduced himself as Ainz Ooal Gown. He hopes to spread this name far and wide. This is a name known within Yggdrasil, yet the citizens of the New World may one day know it for a completely different reason. Anyhow, who’s the unknown group behind this attack? Enjoy the new name!





This test run isn’t over yet. The experiment continues next Friday.

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