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Yumiko Dream’s of her Sensei in a Bikini

by Yumiko

One more for sensei!

Though this was a promised post, this one is being dished out due to Yumiko being under the weather. Our regularly scheduled Overlord post will be slightly delayed due to that fact. I’ll be sure to get it out ASAP once my body cools down. As for coverage of this show, I truly did want to come back and cover all of Bokuben, but that’s very unlikely at the moment. At the very least, we can have one last helping. Anyhow, it’s not summer without at least one beach episode. Enjoy a day at the beach with sensei!





That will be it for Bokuben, well at least for now. We’ll keep on dreaming till further notice.

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Adam Kohut
Adam Kohut (@guest_3750)
3 years ago

Man this is golden, but I dont remember seeing this in any episode… is this some special beach only episode or did you just bundled all these fantastic scenes from several episodes?