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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

At least she has soul.

Despite pledging to do her best, Fubuki has shown little signs of progress. While her determination to improve never waned, she’s training on borrowed time. Secretary ship, Nagato, must ensure that Third Torpedo Squadron is ready for its next mission. If Fubuki is not combat worthy within the next few days, then she’ll ask the admiral to remove her from the fleet. After the Sendai sisters caught word of this, they kicked Fubuki’s training into overdrive. Although each sister approached Fubuki with good intentions, Mutsuki quickly grew concerned. Fubuki will break if they work her around the clock. Nonetheless, Fubuki was up for the challenge. Once she entered the Third Torpedo Squadron, there was no turning back. This is a journey they all wish to end together. Regardless of their wishes, Nagato shall be the final judge. Upon the day of Fubuki’s testing trial, she gave it her all. Everyone could see she wasn’t combat ready, but she sailed with the soul of a torpedo girl. Fubuki’s days within the Navel District have truly just begun.

Fubuki has finally got some footing upon the seas, but let’s shift gears for a moment. As I’m sure you saw during the initial post, this show makes use of a lot of CG throughout its action scenes. Although it’s certainly immersive breaking, it’s not the worst in hindsight. A certain other show displayed how poor ship combat can look. At the very least, we’re given tons of movement and fan service with the CG models. Speaking of service, even outside the CG moments, KanColle is quite generous. Whether it be by design or nature, these ships keep on giving. Anyhow, there’s no rest to be found here. Enjoy landing a single shot!




Episode 2:






Is she truly ready? We’re preparing for the next assault!

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