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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

This kingdom is doomed.

Stripped of the dress gifted from her late grandfather, Stephanie channeled her dismay upon Sora. Although Sora told Stephanie that her opponent, Kurami Zell, was cheating, she was unable to call her out. This defeat allowed Kurami to claim the throne, but Sora won’t so easily take responsibility. He’ll be showing Stephanie how easy she is to manipulate through a game of rock-paper-scissors. After successfully tricking Stephanie, Sora was promised a small favor in accordance with the ten commandments. He’s secured permanent lodging for Shiro and himself, though at the cost of Stephanie’s heart. Moving forward, she’ll only have loving eyes for Sora.

Life at the palace has treated Shiro and Sora well. They’ve learned a fair amount about their new world from Stephanie. She’s told them about the sixteen races that make up the Exceed, and where Imanity ranks among all the races. As Imanity is unable to use magic, they fall at the very bottom. Due to having no affinity for magic, they’re easily taken advantage of by the other races. Stephanie’s recent defeat and her grandfather’s poor legacy can all be contributed to this fact. Despite what others may think of her grandfather, Stephanie held his words in high regard. Even though they may be the lowest on the totem pole, he believed that Imanity had the potential to beat out all the other races. On top of all this, Stephanie loves her country. She truly wishes to show the world that her grandfather wasn’t wrong. Unfortunately, Sora only had bad news for her. If things continue as they are, then Imanity is finished. With Kurami’s coronation right around the corner, it would appear all hope was lost. However, Sora won’t let Stephanie sulk for long. A day’s worth of reading has shown the siblings that this country is salvageable. They’ve decided to take the crown for themselves and secure Stephanie’s dress in the process. Anyhow, cheating never pays. Enjoy the finer angles of Stephanie Dola!




Episode 2:






Ready to become a king? We’re crashing Kurami’s coronation next time.

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