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No Game No Life Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Fill it in blank.

Within the gaming sphere, those known as Blank have become urban legends. Holding top scores in more than 200 different games, Blank has never tasted defeat. Though they may be legends online, the real world is a cruel place for siblings, Shiro and Sora. They’ve completely shut themselves off from the world outside their room. After another night of intense gaming, the siblings received an email from an unknown sender. The sender seemed to know a fair amount about them, and challenged them to a simple game of chess. While they were able to win, their opponent wasn’t done with them yet. A question that would forever change their lives was sent their way. If a world ruled by games existed, would they willingly join said world? Jokingly, Sora instantly replied. Assuming such a world could exist, then they were born in the wrong world. Upon sending this message out, Shiro and Sora found themselves in a free fall. Summoned by the one true god, Tet, the siblings now find themselves within Disboard, the boardtop world.

During Shiro and Sora’s free fall, Tet gave them a crash course on how this world operates. Ten commandments control every manner of business conducted within Disboard. It is absolutely forbidden for the sixteen races to murder, steal, or start a war under Tet’s authority. All disputes are to be settled by games. After shaking off that they had been transported to a fantasy world, and exposed to the outdoors, Shiro and Sora gathered what few objects that got sent along with them. En route to humanity’s final remaining city, Elkia, the siblings confirmed Tet’s words. However, they were also able to learn a fair amount about the history of their new world. Tet’s reign only came to be after a great war. A war he never participated in. Nonetheless, they’ve arrived at a crucial time. Imanity’s previous king left behind a testament to determine how the next king shall be chosen. The best gambler within the kingdom will take the crown. While securing lodging for the night, Sora learned two important facts. As long as one doesn’t get caught cheating, then there’s no foul by Tet’s Commandments. He was also able to observe magic for the first time in his life. The previous king’s granddaughter, Stephanie Dola, was being played like a fool. Before heading off for the evening, he let her know that her opponent was cheating. As night fell, Shiro and Sora were quickly taken by the sandman. Still, one last surprise awaited them. Stephanie has come knocking in only a sheet.

Long ago, I covered No Game No life Zero. Since things are about to slow down here, I’ve decided to close up that loose end. Expect to see the colorful world of Disboard all summer long. The games may be simple right now, but things will soon get wild. There will be plenty of service, too! Anyhow, they’ve found the world of their dreams. Enjoy a life full of games!





It’s time for some new leadership. We’re devising a plan for the future next time.

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