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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 133

by Yumiko

The young lion awakens.

After reporting back their findings to the capital, Marx told Mereoleona and those behind her about an ancient magic item. Yultim is home to an object that others thought too powerful to be left out in the open. However, since said item seems to be in play, they’ve been given a new task. Mereoleona’s training camp must now secure the magic item, and claim any treasure found within the dungeon. Three teams were sent in to scout, though two of the three were forced to retreat. On the other hand, Leopold’s group found itself before the creature they were hunting. Asta’s fiery rival has had enough of standing in the back. Even when reinforcements arrived, he displayed the full efforts of his training. A brand-new spell from Leopold instantly ended the threat that took hold of Yultim. Unfortunately, he melted the magic item in the process. Though this was a minor loss, the reward promised by Mereoleona was upheld. Everyone except Asta and Leopold got to enjoy an onsen like no other.

Black Clover has finally made its return! While we’re still in store for a season of filler, I’m glad to see the Black Bulls back in action. Tuesday’s just weren’t the same without them. Moreover, we’ll be swapping up locations next time. Training within Yultim may be over, but they’ve still got plenty of time before the big battle ahead. Anyhow, they’ll never catch a break. Enjoy training once more under extreme heat!





We’ve only just gotten started. Tune in for more training next Tuesday.

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