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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

There will be no sacrifices.

Risking it all on a single shot, Claire and Shuichi allowed Madoka to walk up to them. Unfortunately, their maneuver didn’t go as planned. As Shuichi was forced to dispel his supernatural form, Sayaka’s group found themselves surrounded. After they realized that further fighting was out of the question, Madoka told them they now work for him. They shall be his subordinates moving forward or face death. Now, if they follow his leadership, he’ll grant them all their earthly desires. However, he hasn’t forgotten what they did to Morita. One of them must pay with their life, and he’ll even give them privacy to determine who it shall be. This would soon be Madoka’s biggest mistake yet. Not willing to sacrifice a single member of her team, Claire took the lead. Though her plan called for setting the forest ablaze with poison, it worked like a charm. However, not everyone within her group agreed with her actions. No longer able to stand Claire and Shuichi’s presence, Ikeuchi attempted to defect to Madoka’s group. Before he could tell them what was heading their way, his head found itself detached.

Aside from Ikeuchi, everyone within Sayaka’s group was able to escape with their lives. The fate of Madoka and his men have yet to be seen, though. While they attempted to stop Sayaka’s group, the fire and poison surrounded them in an instant. Surely their strongest survived, right? Moreover, we’ve only got a few more episodes to go. As one can imagine, this won’t be a complete adaptation. Prepare for a cliffhanger, although I’m sure they’ll leave us off gently. Anyhow, ready to burn it all down? Enjoy the great escape!





They did what they had to do. We’ll see another sunrise next Sunday.

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