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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Could he be the one?

Back from the beach, Kokkoro and Yuuki wished to share their surplus squid with others. Upon walking down to their favorite local restaurant, they found the head chef in a frantic mood. Although those around him couldn’t grasp his crazed muttering for pudding, Yuuki could see what was spooking him. After pointing out the ghost in the room, Shinobu Kamiki and Miyako Izumo revealed themselves. If Yuuki has the power to see the pudding loving ghost, Miyako, then there’s a chance he could be the key to restoring their guild master, Illya Ornstein. As the members of Diabolos escorted them to their guild house, Kokkoro grew more and more worried. She didn’t know they would be assisting the proclaimed queen of darkness. Nonetheless, in her current state Illya is near harmless. She’s even unable to control her own minions from attacking her. However, that changed for a moment when Yuuki held her close. It may have only been a brief moment, but Illya was able to demonstrate why she was the queen of the demon race. Now, during the ensuing chaos, Yuuki accidentally dropped Miyako’s pudding. Though Kokkoro wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, Miyako won’t leave them alone until they make her pudding. Regardless of their efforts back at their place, it wasn’t enough until Pecorine took the stage. She’s given Miyako a pudding she’ll never forget in more ways than one.

Another week, another guild is checked off from the list. And I must say, Illya was a real cutie. Whether she was big or small, she’s got a voice that carried it all. Maybe one day she’ll be restored to her former glory, but that day is not today. Anyhow, ready for a dessert that will take you off your feet? Enjoy Pecorine’s secret ingredient!





We’ve always got food on our minds. Be sure to join us for three more delicious meals!

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Jesus HernandezD
Jesus Hernandez (@jahc1998)
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4 years ago

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andrew janowski
andrew janowski (@andrew_janowski_2)
4 years ago

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