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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko


From out of the blue, Katarina has been accused of bullying that borderlines a crime. Her accusers came with a mountain of circumstantial evidence, though it meant nothing once her friends showed up. The victim in question, Maria, denounced all their ridiculous claims. However, she could easily call out her true bullies. Within a moments notice, Katarina’s accusers fled the scene. As they left, Maria noticed a strange dark aura around them. Nonetheless, Katarina strolled off with her friends believing the worst was over with. Having survived her judgment event, the remainder of her school life should be a breeze. After lunch, Maria broke off from her friends to investigate another dark aura she spotted. Unfortunately, going alone may have cost her everything. Three days have come and gone, yet no one has seen Maria since.

After three days of searching for Maria, Gerald met with Katarina for a private chat. With little evidence to go on, he turned to investigating Katarina’s accusers. Although they have their own personal grudges against Katarina, they truthfully didn’t know what came over them at that moment. In fact, all their memories from that event were a blur. They know not what spurred them to act or where they got their evidence against Katarina from. Upon learning this, Gerald believed forbidden dark magic was at play. Those who wield dark magic can manipulate others and be detected by light magic users. This would explain everything thus far, though learning about the existence of dark magic only kept Katarina up all night. The following day, she collapsed from exhaustion. A nap at the nurse’s office did just the trick, but this was no time to be walking around alone. While she reminisced at the spot where she formally became friends with Maria, the student council president, Sirius Dieke, offered to escort her back to class. Taking his hand triggered a memory from her previous life. Though she never got to experience this part of the game, her best friends told her a few details. There’s a hidden conquerable character, and if he’s not dealt with accordingly, then the heroine and all her friends will perish. Regrettably, Katarina let her thoughts leak out of her mouth. Sirius just so happen to be the dark magic user, and he only has hate for Katarina. Even as Katarina took pity upon him, he locked her away in his magic.

If you were longing for that doom flag, then look no further. Katarina and all her friends are swiftly approaching a bad end. Now, the situation at hand may look rather grim, but it’s not over quite yet. We’ve still got two more episodes, and this world and the game world have plenty of differences. There’s still a chance for everyone to have a happy ending. Anyhow, this situation is more complex than it seems. Enjoy an eternal slumber!





This isn’t the end for our villainess just yet. Join us for part two next Saturday.

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