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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Where’s Shuichi?

With her special pact completed, Claire joined her new teammates in the main room. However, she quickly noticed that her other half was missing. After inquiring about Shuichi’s whereabouts, Ikeuchi showed her everything he was able to record. Still, it shouldn’t take over an hour to find a wallet. Fearing something may have happened, Claire was prepared to find Shuichi on her own. Regardless of her rush to find her partner, her new teammates won’t let her go out alone. They may be a weak bunch, but they have one fighter among them, Yota Murakami. Though he may be a flirt, he’ll ensure Claire’s safety. Elsewhere, Subaru had a falling out with his team. Tired of Elena and the others, he decided to go home for the day. Despite being on his own, there’s not a single other gatherer that could match him. After all, he’s a rare-type of monster.

Well on their way to finding Yoshioka’s wallet, Shuichi picked up on a familiar scent. The fear he felt of crossing Elena and her group was instantly felt by Yoshioka. In turn, she was prepared for the worst, though Shuichi quickly reassured her. No matter what lied ahead, he would protect her. Unfortunately, they were soon greeted by Subaru. Already vexed from his previous engagement, he snapped after being called a child. Without a moment of hesitation, he crushed Shuichi and Yoshioka. Disfigured beyond recognition, Shuichi lost himself in rage. Believing he had failed to protect Yoshioka, he fused with what remained of her. Standing with renewed strength, Subaru was given a fight he never thought possible. This new display of power quickly caught the attention of Elena. Before the final blow could be struck, she put an end to the fight. Her group can’t afford to lose Subaru’s unique power, yet she still can’t stand the thought of hurting Shuichi. Shortly after exiting the area with Subaru, Claire and Yota arrived. While the battlefield was disastrous, they won’t be leaving in tears. Shuichi and Yoshioka were found in one piece unconscious.

This episode revealed two very important facts. First, Shuichi is more than just a mascot for others to pilot. In order to make up for his own weaknesses, his power allows others to enter him to fill that gap. We’ve seen that firsthand now with Yoshioka. Their merger was on another level. Speaking of their merger, this brings up the next notable fact. When they became one, they were able to access each other’s memories. The memories Shuichi believed he had forgotten were still within him. Shuichi may never remember, but Yoshioka now knows a fair amount about Elena. Anyhow, what’s better than one tail? Enjoy the new transformation!





Has she seen too much? Join us for a new turn of events next Sunday.

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